How many times have you heard it said “He was doing so well and fine just yesterday and suddenly he slumped and that was it!”
“They was absolutely nothing wrong with her now…we still laughed and gisted just before she went to bed but she never woke up”
Quit saying it is the “Will of God”
Oh! Yes it is, but God never planned such for you.
The bitter truth is that we most times are the architects of our own woes from the habits and practise we put ourselves through which usually breaks down our system gradually and before we know it, we shut down suddenly and unexpectedly.
The shocking part is that we are sometimes proud of these factors and boast in it ignorantly interpreting it to mean
Let us examine FIVE (5) of some of these conditions we take our body through unconsciously sometimes that may cause sudden system break-down or collapse.


It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Reports also shows that a good breakfast is a vital part of a Healthy Lifestyle. A number of things can result when one skips breakfast. Firstly, you are likely to overeat during the day because the body is sapped of the necessary energy very early in the morning haven worked all through the night. This overeating can result in overweight over time which according to recent studies puts you at the risk of developing cancer. Secondly, when you wake up, the body sugar your body needs for the muscles and brain to work effectively is usually low hence there is the need to replenish it from the meal we take as breakfast. If this is not met, most often than not such people may develop chronic heart diseases, Type II diabetes as the body is deprived of glucose. Shortage of glucose in the body in turn can result to increased blood pressure and migraine.


The human body system is made up of 50-70% water. The benefits of water is enormous one of which includes aiding bodily function.
You shouldn’t wait till you are thirsty before you drink water. The thirst signal is actually a sign that you are already dehydrated. When you persist working without quenching that thirst, your body system gets concentrated, you urinate less, your blood becomes thicker and harder making it difficult to flow to organs of the body especially your heart hence your blood pressure and body temperature rises greatly above normal (hyperthermia).
If you go ahead and push this dehydrated body further either to work or there could be a collapse or a fainting.


The recommended daily hours of sleep for an adult is between 7-8hours.
Unfortunately, we get so engrossed in various activities that most times deprive us of achieving this stipulated rest hours daily. Activities like watching TV late into the night, surfing the net either on our laptops or phone etc.
Frequent lack of sufficient sleep can cause a number of life threatening health conditions like Obesity, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes- and shortens life expectancy.
It also result in the following-
– Car accident or Work injuries from drowsiness.
– Pre-mature ageing on the release of a Stress Hormone called Cortisol which breaks down Collagen; the protein that keeps the skin smooth and elastic.
– Kills Sex drive by lowering libido
– Insomnia resulting to Depression.
– Poor productivity
– Loss of memory


Recent statistics says that one in every four persons risk their Health working round the clock without a break.
Other bad habits, such as working in the same position for too long and going to work when ill or stressed damages health causing Reduced productivity, Long-term back pain, Obesity, Depression, Heart disease, Hypertension and Stroke.
It is therefore important to adopt healthier working practices.

Ben Willmott, from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says,
“A certain level of pressure at work is of course desirable. However when the pressure people face regularly exceeds their ability to cope in other words it causes stress, it is likely to lead to time off work and is linked to conditions such as depression, anxiety and heart disease.”

Work is good for us and can contribute to physical and mental wellbeing but overworking meaning you don’t have the time or energy to look after their own health or when staff are at work but are not fit for work.


The chart above summarises this whole point. The truth is either or not we have a solution to our problems, worry can do nothing about it.
Even the holy book says worry can add no cubit to our years.
It is no news that the best Worry can offer is High Blood Pressure which can lead to Hypertension, Heart Attack, Stroke and even Death. Therefore, do yourself the favour of keep worry at bay. Cast all your cares and worries upon the Almighty and go to sleep. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, be joyful always and do not forget to always smile, you need lesser energy to do all that and believe me.

If you are guilty of one or more of these points mentioned above then it is important that you make necessary adjustments to correcting these life-threatening habits.
I understand that some of these habits might be a little difficult to drop and sometimes circumstances may aid some and you may require some help or motivation or even counseling as the case may be but believe me nothing is too big to overcome when the mind is made up.
Just in case you need help as regards any of these, DE SOURCE MEDILAB organises events that enables you relax or unwind to get the work stress off (see the Events Blog Category for more info) and also offers an Online Health Motivation Challenge that helps you achieve your goals when it comes to maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

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