I dare to ask why you wouldn’t go for a Medical Check up even if it is offered for FREE. I wouldn’t be taken aback if you attach a non-challant attitude to responding to this, its normal.
We generally do not take matters regarding our Health seriously until it stares us in the face. In many cases we go about giving excuses as to why we wouldn’t. Some even get all spiritual about it forgetting that even God recommends constant self-evaluation and is interested in our Health and Well-being.
Below are a few ideology we have wrongly believed that has informed our conception about Health and matters that surrounds it overtime

1. Health Check is meant for the Elderly

So with a wave of hand, you ignore the post asking you to get a Blood Pressure Monitor or the one suggesting you get a regular Medical Check up saying “My grandmother definitely should need this” REALLY?!
Just before you do same to this article again, please take your time to finish up reading.

It is true that High Blood Pressure used to be peculiar to the elderly majorly because they are more advanced in age hence, a lot of work is done by the heart in pumping blood to all parts of the body as the linings of the heart are now thickened due to old age. Now, our lifestyle (eating habits, busy work schedule, struggling with deadlines coupled with hereditary factors) has made us vulnerable to this scourge.

According to a release by WHO in January 2016, the prevalence of Hypertension is highest in the African region among 46% of adults aged from 25years!
The bitter truth is that if as a young person, you do not give proper attention to Healthcare, then the Hospital might be your home at old age.

Was this enough to convince you?
If it wasn’t, then continue reading-

2. What you don’t know cannot kill you

This has proven wrong lately.
Has it ever occurred to you that for every ailment there was a first patient? And that most times these patients don’t even know such ailment exists until they became a victim?
Remember the Nigeria Ebola crisis that hapened in August, 2014?
I bet the Liberian-American Lawyer, Mr. Patrick Sawyer never knew the name of that disease that took his life abruptly sending him to an early grave.
Permit me to say at this point that amidst all the misconceptions of Health checks, this is the most commonly mentioned and painfully widely believed.

Have you stopped to ask yourself why you still fall sick even after taking all precautions, eating clean and eating right, keeping your environment neat and free from disease causing bacteria etc.? That is to tell you there is more to staying healthy that what you see or know.
I personally do not take matters of Health with levity because I believe the body system is an environment I can neither see nor understand what goes on internally at every point in time until one finally breaks down therefore, it is important we consult with Healthcare professional so we can always be abreast of what goes in our body because it can kill us.
If you are still in doubt on this point, get the book “What you don’t know may be killing you” By Dr. Don Colbert today.

3. If I do not feel SICK then I am actually NOT SICK.

Well….you may be correct actually.
But do you know that before you really fall sick and breakdown totally, your internal body system has already been experiencing some form of immune system disorder that has weakened the body’s defence mechanism against diseases and this automatically translates into an Sickness in the long run? These disorders and weakened immunity you may not feel initially until the end result (SICKNESS) is reached.
Unfortunately, some terminal ailments such as Hypertension do not even show early signs until they strike dangerously.
Do not wait till you feel sick before checking your Health status. A factor as small as your weight or blood pressure might be that indicator you need to put things right Health wise. The truth is you never get a physical nudge when things are going wrong internally except you check.


  1. All Medical Test results are usually Bad News

Not true in most cases.
I remember someone recounting the trauma he went through when he went for a HIV test.
According to him, the Doctor had asked him to hang on a little as the result might take a while.
In his own words, the waiting almost killed him as it was taking longer than he expected. After a while, the Doctor returned with result in hand and a gloomy look on his face. Hypertension almost finished my guy o….and then Doc. broke the News, “You are HIV……NEGATIVE!” Alas, he tested negative to the virus! Until then did he regain his peace of mind back.

In the first instance, why expect a bad news if you keep constant check on your health, eat well and eat right, have enough time for relaxation and rest, drink enough water, pray and stay positive?
Bad news only comes when you have flaunted the Health rules and have been living a careless or carefree lifestyle. Above all, stay positive when it comes to your health. Whatever news you get if you do not defy regular Medical Checks is to make you correct the anomalies and make necessary adjustments after all. The truth is the News is better heard early than late.

Constant Medical Check has never killed anyone in time past and most likely never will but failure to do this has and will continue to.
The more we are regularly aware of what goes on in our body at every point in time and c8ontrol or monitor this, the more we get better of Health-wise.
Ignorance in itself is a disease. It is high time we debunked all these failed myths and wrong misconceptions about Medical Check-ups and start believing and doing the right things.
Amazingly, Medical Technology has over time helped to improve Medical practises and awareness by providing us with simple Do-it-yourself (DIY) medical gadgets you can use all by yourself in the comfort of your homes thereby saving you stress of queuing up to get a Medical Check up done in a Hospital or Public Health Facility.
The best new is that you can shop for these gadgets that we call “HEALTH MONITORS” right now on this site. Simply go to the SHOP icon on the MENU to do so. I bet the prices you will get will be far discounted than that in your local pharmacies. Thank me later.

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