Before you go from SLIM to SICK please read this-

With all the recent fuss about weight loss, having a hot, sexy and banging body, it could be very difficult to tell when to stop losing that weight if you do not have a target terminal weight in view.
You should be able to determine your limit in the weight loss journey and know at what weight measurement exactly you should focus on the control or maintenance of that weight.

Before we go further, It is important to note that-

  1. Plus-sized people are also romantic, sexy and of course beautiful.
    2. The fact that you look big (fat) or feel heavy doesn’t necessarily mean you are overweight and must lose some weight.
    3. Being a plus-sized person is not a disease until it starts posing to be a factor to be overcome to regain and retain your Health.
    4. The decision to shed that excess weight must be a personal self resolution and not one you are forced into hence it must be accompanied by determination, discipline, and consistency for a meaningful result to be achieved.

    Now, let’s go back to discussing the main topic.
    Your target terminal weight is called your IDEAL BODY WEIGHT. This is defined in layman’s term as the maximum healthy weight range of an individual based on height above which such individual is said to be overweight and below which he/she is underweight.
    To arrive at this, a little knowledge of simple Mathematics is required.

    The first step before embarking on a weight loss process requires you knowing some basic parameters like your current weight and height. This will enable you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) which in turn tells you your weight status whether you are Underweight, Overweight, Obese or have a Normal weight.
    You can do on your own using the BMI formula as given below.

Upon calculation, you are to identify your category or class to know how critical your weight loss journey will be.
NOTE: I am not talking about weight-gain because of the scope of the topic.

The next step after you have successfully been able to calculate your BMI and classify your result is to know your ideal weight or your Healthy Weight Range.
Well, whatever classification you fall into, it is necessary you know your ideal Healthy Weight Range as this will control your weight-gain for the weight-loss process.
Ideal Healthy Weight Range is calculated in two values:

Highest Range (The highest weight value you can attain above which you will be overweight).
Lowest Range (The lowest weight value you can attain below which you become underweight)

Let’s take an example to understand this better.

Mrs. A has a height of 1.65m and weighs 86kg. She feels she needs to drop some weight but wants to be sure she is actually overweight. If yes, she wants to know how much weight she needs to drop and when she should stop losing that weight and move on to maintaining that weight.

STEP 1: Help Mrs. A calculate her BMI. Input Mrs. A’s statistics into the BMI calculation formula above.

Checking the BMI Classification, Mrs. A falls between the 30.0-34.9 range which translates that she is obese and therefore needs to loose some weight.
The question then becomes how much weight should she shed?

STEP 2: Help Mrs. A calculate her ideal weight range using the Ideal Weight calculation formula above so as to ascertain her limits in weights loss.

It can now be deduced from the calculation above that Mrs. A’s ideal weight range lies between 50.37kg and 67.79kg meaning she is not advised to loose weight below 50.37kg otherwise she would become underweight and in the same vein not to add weight above 67.79kg else she gets overweight.

Going by her current weight of 86kg, Mrs. A needs to shed a minimum of 18.21kg and maximum of 35.63kg to arrive at a Healthy Weight. Once at her ideal weight range, all she need do is to manage and continually monitor her weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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